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Might Have Shoulda Considered Cremation, Eh?

s80_hearse.jpgKeep this in mind when your grandma dies and you can’t afford her funeral expenses:

A funeral director accused of leaving a woman’s body to decay in a parked hearse after her relatives failed to pay the bill was arrested on a felony charge of abusing a corpse, police said Wednesday. Watson and Sons Funeral Home embalmed the remains of Edna Kathleen Woods, 52, after she died of natural causes in November 2007, said Gadsden police Sgt. Jeff Wright. Relatives wanted the body cremated but failed to sign the necessary paperwork or pay owner Harold Watson Sr., he said.
After storing the corpse at his funeral home for more than a year, Wright said, the 76-year-old Watson decided to move it because he couldn’t reach the woman’s family.
Someone complained about a foul smell near downtown Gadsden, about 60 miles northeast of Birmingham, and officers on Tuesday found the woman’s remains in a cardboard box that was inside a locked hearse parked on a piece of property that Watson owns.

A cardboard box inside a hearse? There are better ways to dump a corpse, dude. That’s what rivers are for, right?

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i once worked in the credit and collections department of a very large cemetery/mortuary near L.A. (not the big famous one). my brother and i always had some pretty good laughs about it.
i probably wasn't cut out for the collections part of the job....

So....he was supposed to provide service without payment? Bullshit! He should have returned it to the family. Where was the family again?

I have some sympathy for the funeral director here. He provides a service for a fee. The fee wasn't paid. Hhe had no obligation to provide the service. True, he shouldn't have just dumped the corpse in a car: that's good compost material that would have contributed to a great vegetable patch, but this notion of "abusing a corpse". It's organic matter. It can't be abused. It's time we all got past this obssession with treating dead people as if they're still alive (apologies to any zombie readers). We need to outlaw formaldehyde and fancy coffins and make-up on corpses. The dead are dead. Stop pumping them full of chemicals. Bury them in the back yard and start a rose garden.

I wonder what the procedure in that situation actually is. He provides a service for a fee, so what exactly is supposed to be done with an unpaid-for corpse?