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Like Bush on Rice

bush_rice.jpgI don’t know what Pravda is, but I assume it’s Russia’s equivalent of The National Enquirer. In any event, I love their spunk! They don’t just make up small, halfway believable lies, they scorch the earth with bullshit. The scuttlebutt this week? George and Laura are getting a divorce. Here are the highlights:

1) “George and Laura Bush were planning a divorce after the presidential election in the USA.”

2) “George and Laura Bush hardly ever speak to each other. George feels very unhappy and does not want Laura to leave him.”

3) “The divorce will be kept a secret until the president retires.”

4) “George W. Bush has been having an affair with US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice.”

5) “Laura Bush will reportedly be paid $20 million in case she divorces her husband.”

Awesome. Russian Gossip Rules! And so much more entertaining than communist propaganda.

Yeah. It’s a slow news day.

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Wasn't Pravda the equivalent of The New York Times - at least back in the Soviet Era? I mean, it never had any integrity (it was a communist party mouthpiece) but it was considered the premiere Soviet paper. I have no idea what it's status is now....

Of course, Condi Rice is known to have accidentally referred to W as "my husband" at least once...

He's right, its a tabloid now. It produces everything from alien-conspiracy stories to stories of the U.S. poisoning Russian water supplies, to stories like this. Practically all of its stories are focused on bashing the U.S. and Western Europe though, so it might still be a government mouth-piece. For awhile after the S.U. collapsed, I think it did actual reporting, but that sort of stuff gets you killed under Putin.

Wouldn't that be entirely expected from an evangelical, Republican president though; to cheat on his wife with his much younger, athletic, workout buddy. Or would it need to be a man to fit the profile?

Pravda is soooo ridiculous! A lot of the newspapers in Russia are similar. You'll read this story right next to one about UFOs landing in Kazakhstan, or a Siberian woman giving birth to kittens. Oh, and TaTu. Lots of stories about TaTu.

I heard this story a few days ago on the radio. I think the DJ's said it was in one of the US tabloids. I love that the Russian paper is getting their news from US tabloids. Almost as good as foreign newpapers getting their news from the Onion!

No shit? A woman really gave birth to kittens? Hey 3l when are you taking the test?

Pravda means "truth" in Russian. How nice to see them live up to that name. :)

Exactly one week from today! Clearly I'm super focused, busting my ass studying, and not letting anything distract me.