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Just Let It Go Already

ritter.jpgLosing a loved one is painful, even moreso when your loved one is as beloved as John Ritter was, and when that loved one dies so unexpectedly.

But, come on. The family of John Ritter — his wife and four children — have already received $14 million from several medical entities, including the hospital where he was treated. But, that’s not stopping them — four years after his death — from bringing another lawsuit, this one for $67 million, against radiologist Matthew Lotysch and cardiologist Joseph Lee for negligence.

Ritter had an aortic tear, the symptoms of which mimic a heart attack. He was thus treated for a heart attack, which may have hastened his death. But — after receiving $14 million, and probably enough money from “Three’s Company” royalties and his estate to survive comfortably for 400 years — why drag all this up again? Just let it go, folks. $67 million ain’t gonna bring the man back.