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“It’s the fixed ballgame and the rigged casino and the pre-arranged lottery all rolled into one—and it stinks.”

kolb.jpgOn last night’s episode of “Countdown,” Keith Olbermann issued his latest Special Comment, spurred by Bush’s Monday commutation of Scotter Libby’s jail sentence. Olbermann basically says that Bush and Cheney should follow the patriotism Nixon showed when he finally resigned from office, by doing the same. You can read the transcript of his special comment over at MSNBC, they’ve got the video clip for you there, too (when the clip shows up on YouTube, I’ll try to update this entry and embed it for you, ‘cause I’m just that kind of guy).

And with that, the QuizLaw crew is taking the rest of the 4th off. So enjoy the holiday and the barbecues and the fireworks and whatever you’ve got going on, and we’ll see ya tomorrow.

Update: Here’s the video clip for you, if you’re too lazy to click on the above link: