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Is that a federal holiday, or just a state thing?

showUs.jpgMayor Mike Vestal, of someplace called Tonganoxie (it’s apparently in Kansas), has gotten into a little trouble because he doesn’t know how to send e-mail. Rather, he doesn’t know how to ensure that he’s sending e-mail to the people he means to send it to. Vestal sent a naughty e-mail to several friends and — whoops! — included a reporter in the “to” list. That reporter, surely intrigued to be getting an e-mail from the local Mayor, was probably confused to find that it contained a picture of a topless woman and a message which read:

Next Monday is national female breast appreciation day. Beat the “expletive” out of Martin Luther King day, doesn’t it?

The reporter quickly got this story out there, and Mayor Vestal of course apologized and said it was a stupid but honest mistake. He also stepped up and said “if the citizens want me to resign, they need to let me know and I will resign if they want me to.”

I dunno — if I were a resident of Tonganoxie (knock on wood this never happens), I’d be less into asking the Mayor to resign and more into getting a formal declaration of National Female Breast Appreciation Day. Although I’m not sure he has the power to declare a “national” holiday, so maybe we’d have to settle for Local Female Breast Appreciation Day. I’m willing to compromise.