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If this thing doesn’t work out, they can always rent some kids from the Clown Car Octo-Mom

adoption.jpgThis is ridiculously f’ed up. In 2003, Nicky Webster took her middle son to the hospital because he had a swollen leg. The doctors found several small fractures which they said could only be the result of physical abuse. This started a chain of events which, a year later, led to Nicky and her husband Mark having all three of their children permanently removed and put up for adoption. Later, it was determined that the kid’s injuries were actually a symptom of his scurvey (arrrrrrgh!). So the Websters went to court to get their kids back.

And two British courts have now said “not so much.”

The Appeal Court ruled on Wednesday that even though the Websters ‘may well’ have been victims of a miscarriage of justice the adoption order on their eldest three children could not be revoked because the youngsters are now settled with their adoptive parents.

Can you believe that shit? The Websters are planning to appeal to the House of Lords and/or the European Court of Justice but a British adoption law specialist says they have a tough battle because adoption reversals almost never happen. Again, can you believe that shit?

(Hat tip to Annie)

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That is absolutely appalling. Mind you this is the same country that allowed a woman to successfully sue a sperm donor for child support.

Isn't scurvy pretty hard to get in this day and age? I think you have to have some very serious nutritional deficiencies going on, right? Without any more information, that would raise my eyebrows in the direction of neglect, if not abuse. Correct me if I'm wrong on this...

Scurvy? Seriously?

Damn...I mean, pellagra sure, but scurvy?

Also: what the fuck is up with British courts?

I'm with ErinM. Scurvy is really hard to get. Requires getting almost no vitamin C. I'd count a diet that bad as unfit parenting.


You fool, EVERYONE in Britain has scurvy. Come on, everybody knows that.

Well, I had scurvy, it is really not that hard to get. Vitamin C is water soluble, so the more you take, the more you need to keep functioning properly. For me, I used to drink tons of juice, and when I went on a diet I cut out the juice. When my gums were bleeding and I got blotchy I started taking a multi.

So basically, shit happens. Doesn't mean neglect

"Can you believe that shit? .... Again, can you believe that shit?" To answer your question, yes, yes I can. Britain = socialist state = we know better than you lowly peon citizens = you are screwed when we want you to be screwed.

Socialism, coming to America sooner than you think.