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I Know … I Know … I’m a Petty Little Bitch

perezhilton.jpgYou’ve gotta be freakin’ kidding me. What a vindictive little shit. So, here’s the latest on everybody’s favorite fat-ass (no, not Michael Moore). Perez Hilton, who has been sued by everyone but Seth and I, has decided to fight back. Not so much by defending his own lawsuit, which is pretty much a lost cause. But by filing his own, I suppose, in the hopes of gaining some leverage during the inevitable settlement talks.

So, Perez has sued X-17 (the paparazzi agency who is suing him for $7.6 million), claiming that the agency engages in illegal business activities, namely hiring illegal aliens and improperly labeling it’s employees as “independent contractors” to avoid payroll taxes and insurance. Perez Hilton’s lawsuit comes just a week after X-17 managed to convince his host to shut him down, which left him without a web home for a few hours, at least. But this lawsuit apparently has nothing to do with that. No sir.

[Hilton’s] lawyer, Bryan Freedman, tells TheShowBuzz.com that the lawsuit against X17 was not triggered by the photo agency’s complaints to the blogger’s Web host.

“Former photographers of X17 have been calling with these horror stories for months,” Freedman said. “This has been in the works for some time.”

I’m no expert in the law of illegal business practices or anything, so here’s my question: Why the hell are X-17’s business practices any of Perez’s goddamn business? I don’t know if X-17 does what Perez’s lawyers are suggesting, but even if they do, how’s it harming him? Where’s the standing? And if Perez is arguing unfair competition, how does that work? Perez doesn’t hire paparazzi photographers, he steals from them. So what’s unfair about X-17’s business to Perez?

I get so angry! And petty. And I hate myself for it, because I find myself in the position of siding with almost-as-despicable paparazzi. And discussing gossip blogs. On a legal site. But I can’t help myself. I hate him. Like, loathe him. I swear, if I could get he and Rosie O’Donnell — and maybe Dane Cook and Paul Haggis — in one room, I’d strap a bomb to myself and do the world a huge solid.

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Seriously, Dustin, tell us how you really feel.

Dustin, You're like Jesus at the Temple, your anger is totally justified.

If you look at his site he has a post asking for X-17 employees to contact him regarding their problems with the company.

Seriously though, which your anger is entertaining, stop with the pictures of this guy. I am trying to eat breakfast here.

What's funny is that he asked former/current X-17 employees to email in complaints after his site was taken down.