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I Knew It! I Knew It!

comicbookguysquare.jpgComic-book stereotypes are true!

A Japanese woman addicted to comics reportedly turned to the Internet to look for someone to kill her parents, after they asked her to clear out her cartoon-filled room.
News reports say the 36-year-old woman - who is unemployed and lives at home - filled up three rooms with several thousand comic books and videotapes she had collected with an allowance her grandmother sent her.
She reportedly became angry after her parents told her to throw away some of her comic books to make space for her sister who was planning to move in.
The reports say she posted a message on the Internet asking for someone to kill her mother, who manages a bar in Tokyo, and her father.

36-years-old! Addicted to comic books. Ha! Lives with her parents. Yes! Unemployed. Definitely! Bought with allowance from Grandma! He he!

I bet her room is in the basement. And I bet she loves Doritos!

Seriously, though: I’ve never heard of a comic-book addict. Addict?

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What's even worse, if it's in Japan, it surely is bunch of lame manga crap. Not even some kickass WildC.A.T.S. What a loser!

The only stereotype broken is that it is a woman. What self-respecting woman collects comic books?

I read all mine online ;)