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Hey Baby … what’s say you and me make dinner, have a few drinks, and stab each other?


Out in Tempe, Arizona, a 23-year-old woman celebrated Valentine’s Day in style. She and her man decided to get kinky, so the man allowed Tiffany Sutton (that cutie to your left) to tie him up during sex. Fresh!

But Tiffany had a little something else in mind. You know how Cupid is with those arrows? Well Tiffany liked to do the same, only with knives. Indeed, Tiff decided to ratchet up the kink factor when she up and started stabbing her boyfriend. And suddenly, he wasn’t so much into the kinky anymore, especially after Sutton started telling the man that she liked to drink blood. His blood. I suppose Cupid got a little bloodthirsty.

Thankfully, the man eventually freed himself from his binding and managed to flee. Of course, Tiffany (in a bout of heartache, I can only imagine) chased the man around with a pickaxe.

The man was later found, passed out, by a friend, who notified the police. Sutton initially claimed she was the victim, but changed her tune later, suggesting that the entire experience was consensual. Because what man doesn’t love to get stabbed in the chest and chased about with a pickaxe?

I understand the couple’s third-date flick was Saw.