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He also forgot to ask the kid why he’s such a pussy

bully-zone.jpgIn Fayetteville, Arkansas, the story of little Billy Wolfe has caught some national attention. Billy and his mom have filed a lawsuit over the years of bullying Billy has suffered. But they’re not suing the school or the city — instead, they’re suing the other kids, the bullies themselves.

Now first of all, come on. I can understand suing the school district if it’s not doing the things it’s supposed to do to protect the kids. But suing another kid for being an asshole bully? I mean, I could’ve filed three or four of those lawsuits when I was in school, but what good would’ve come of that? In fact, I just would’ve gotten my ass kicked more.

Second of all, I saw an interview on CNN with the 16-year-old Billy Wolfe last week, and was shocked that the interviewer didn’t ask the most pertinent question: “Billy, why don’t you just Daniel LaRusso it, and find a Mr. Miyagi-type to teach you the wax-on, wax-off?”

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I disagree. I bet dollars to donuts the asshole parents of the bullies didn't give a shit that their little snowflake was being a dick. If somebody did that to one of my girls and I was restrained from kicking their ass bloody, I'd sue them into oblivion!

I agree, Bill... it's one thing to try to work it out, but if the bully's parents were being negligent, sue the bastards. They won't get any money out of it, but maybe it'll shame them into doing something about their rotten kids.

I find it highly refreshing that they are putting the blame on the parents instead of the school system and the teachers. I would FAR rather see a lawsuit against parents who are not parenting than a school district whose job it is to teach, not raise, those children.

Tara: Great note, but I don't think you're allowed to use the phrase "highly refreshing" on this site. Too many syllables, too respectable sounding.

I'd say this is far preferable to suing the school system. After all, any damages awarded are going to hurt every student going to those schools. This looks like a case of going after the complacent parties, rather than targeting the deepest pockets. I doubt your average Fayetteville household has much spare income.

From a strictly legal standpoint, it also occurs to me that if any bullying occurs off of school grounds - and it certainly does - the parents are going have the culpability.

So good luck to the Wolfes, I say. Really, this may be a common problem, but I thought we as a nation had moved past that "bullying builds character" bullshit half-a-dozen school shooting ago.