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Fucking cocksuckers!

swearengen.jpgThose fucking hoopleheads in St. Charles, Missouri are actually thinking about a fucking law that would prevent sons of bitches like me from saying whatever the fuck shit I want while in my own god damn bar? And while they’re at it, these fuck nut bags of shit have their cunt hairs so out of whack that they also want to ban fucking drinking contests, raunchy music and … table-dancing? Now without table dancing, how the fuck are my girls supposed to earn their fucking keep? Pussy lotion ain’t fucking free!

Shit! I need to soliloquize while getting my fucking prick sucked:

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Ha! Thanks for the morning does of Swedgin; that man always puts a smile on my face.

OMG!!!!! I so miss Swedgin, COCKSUCKER!!! Thanks so much for writing this is Deadwoodese and NOT Lolcats!!!

This, to me, is the equivalent of the smoking ban that went into effect in Illinois on Jan. 1. Why can't the owner of the property decide what he or she wants allowed ON THEIR OWN FUCKING LAND? Freedom my ass.

I actually LIVE in St. Charles. I didn't realize it was such a conservative town. It will be fun when all the drunken frat-boys take all their drunken frat-boy dollars to another town, leaving St. Charles with its miserable prick in its hand.