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Friends don’t let friends drive drunk. But friends do, apparently, give their friends a busted jaw when they ask for their keys

car-keys.jpgEric Johnson went out for a night of drinks with his friend and co-worker Brian Beaulieu. The two apparently had quite a night, and Johnson decided that Beaulieu was in no condition to drive. So he did what MADD tells us all to do, and asked Beaulieu for his keys. Beaulieu (god damned that name is a pain in the ass to type!) didn’t take kindly to being told he couldn’t drive, and a fight ensued. Johnson got slugged and — crack — he got a fractured face for his troubles.

Three surgeries later, he sued Beaulieu for $413,000, and he won, although the jury only awarded him $138,000. Beaulieu’s lawyer says they may appeal the decision because, even though Beaulieu admits slugging Johnson, he apparently doesn’t think he should have to pay for Johnson’s trouble.

Dude, the guy had to have a plate inserted into his face to hold his busted jaw together. When he was just trying to help a brother out. Pay him, quit drinking, and shut the fuck up.