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Ethics Shmethics!

ethics.jpgDown in Jackson, Alabama there’s this lawyer, Stuart DuBose, who’s gotten himself into a little hot water. See, the state bar has sanctioned him, ordering his license to be suspended for 45 days because he took $1.2 million from a man’s estate for writing the dude’s will, despite never having even met the guy. While he claims there’s nothing wrong with what he did, the state bar obviously disagreed. The Alabama Supreme Court apparently disagreed even more, saying that the 45-day suspension isn’t enough. So now he has to go before a disciplinary committee which may order him disbarred, or give him a longer suspension.

But DuBose isn’t letting that slow him down. In fact, just last Friday he was sworn in as a new state judge! While he doesn’t officially take office until January 15, he decided to get sworn in early because he loves Christmas and enjoys celebrating the baby Jesus. I’m sure it has nothing to do with wanting to be sworn in before he is potentially thrown out of the state bar, so that when he hangs his head in shame he can say, “well at least I was sworn in as a judge before bringing shame upon my family and profession.” Right?

Yeah, I know, I’m just being cynical. And that’s not very Christmas-y of me. I apologize.