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Completing the Friday Morning Sex Story Trifecta…

ticket.jpgLast Friday, sixteen Tennessee drivers showed up to court to deal with their respective traffic tickets. Charges were dropped against all sixteen of them because the officer who wrote the tickets, Highway Patrol trooper James Randy Moss, did not show up to court. The reason he didn’t show up to court is that he had resigned from the Highway Patrol. And the reason he resigned is why we’re able to round out our trio of sex stories.

Seems that Patrolman Moss had pulled over a Ms. Justis Richert for speeding, issuing her a $159 ticket. However, Ms. Richert just so happens to be a porn star (but in my favorite part of this story - the name “Justis” is not her porn name, as she goes by the classier “Barbie Cummings” when doing her, uhrm, business). So she offered to give Patrolman Moss a hummer to get out of her ticket. He took her up on the offer, even taking photos and videos of her performance, but then gave her a ticket anyway. Class act. He did cut her a break on some drug possession charges, however, deciding to simply toss her “happy pills” into some nearby brush.

Richert/Cummings wrote about all this on her blog, which must’ve caught the attention of the right folks, as this publication is what led to Moss’ resignation. Prosecutors are now planning to charge him with official misconduct and tampering with evidence, plus 25 other traffic stops made by Moss are now being investigated after other ladies came forward with misconduct complaints.

But the kicker of the story is this - Richert/Cummings didn’t bother to show up to the court hearing for her ticket, so while 16 others got off (pun intended?) because of her shenanigans and blog, she didn’t, and she’s still gotta pay the $159 fine!