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Common Sense Lesson #149

courthouseDoors.jpgWhen there’s a warrant out for your arrest, you might should try to avoid going to a courthouse. Because, you know, you just might get yourself arrested.

That’s what the 21-year-old Jonathan Franklin Hunter learned when he took his wife to the courthouse for a quickie wedding. Minutes after the ceremony, a sheriff’s deputy got all up in Hunter’s business and arrested him. Turns out Hunter had an outstanding warrant stemming from an alleged violation of a 2005 injunction (which, in turn, stemmed from some domestic violence issues with his sister). And get this - the heartless bailiffs wouldn’t even let him hug or kiss his bride goodbye before throwing him in a patrol car and driving off. For shame. Said his new bride:

It was embarrassing. I was shocked. Everyone was looking at us. I wanted to run out of there.

Welcome to married life, Mrs. Hunter!