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Can hear me now, bitch?

judge.jpgI mentioned this story in a Daily Memo last week, but it really deserves a full-blown entry. So last Tuesday, Judge Robert Restaino was removed from the bench because of a bit of an outburst. Back in 2005, Judge Restaino was hearing a domestic violence case when someone’s cell phone went off. And the judge simply went off the rails:

Everyone is going to jail. Every single person is going to jail in this courtroom unless I get that instrument now. If anybody believes I’m kidding, ask some of the folks that have been here for a while. You are all going.

And sure enough, when nobody fessed up, the judge had all 46 people taken into custody and tossed into the city jail. Most posted bail, but the fourteen who couldn’t were shackled and bussed off to the county jail. It didn’t take long for word of this story to get out, and after the press started calling later in the afternoon, Judge Restaino ordered everyone released.

So as I mentioned, he was removed from the bench last Tuesday, with the chairman of the New York Commission on Judicial Conduct writing that Restaino had “engaged in what can only be described as two hours of inexplicable madness.”

Unsurprisingly, Restaino isn’t taking this lightly, now saying that he’s planning to appeal the decision to the state Court of Appeals. His lawyer says that Restaino “deeply regrets and sincerely apologizes” for his little outburst. He says that the snap was because of stress going on in his personal life and, apparently, that means all should be forgiven.

Sorry dude, I ain’t buying it. As the Commission said, your conduct brought irreparable harm to the public perception of the bench and the public’s confidence in you. “Sorry — home life has been rough” doesn’t really cut it. We’ve all got problems. We’ve all got stress. But you’re the only asshat who threw 46 people in the clink for no good reason. Please do us all a favor and bow out graciously.

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Cute use of the Iron Maiden Artwork. Did you get permission to use it? :p

The only asshat here is you. How many times have these people been in and out and in and out of that courtroom? They know the rules. They practically live their lives in court. At least this overpaid representative of the corrupt legal system had the courage for one day to earn his pay. There is no respect for the law in this country because the lawyers and the judges have no respect for the people. We are all clients. And we are all billed per hour.

I dunno. Seems to me he threw 45 people in jail for no reason, not 46.

It kills me that one of the people in the courtroom would let 45 people get sent to jail rather than have the guts to 'fess up.

If I were in that courtroom and he did that I'd go to the jail.

Because I know he'll get in deep shit for it, and a chance to knock a judge off his god-like perch doesn't come around everyday.

I don't want to read too much into this, but it appears that this is just an outgrowth of the post 9/11 power grab by the prosecutors and police in this country. I would bet he's a douchebag republican. By the way, could you explain that "adverse Whatever" thing a little better.

There's no respect for the law in country because it seems to only apply to normal folk. Assholes in hollywood regularly walk for the sorts of crimes that some people can do years for.

The justice system in this country is complete bullcrap. It's nothing but a lot of people who shouldn't have been arrested in the first place being shipped off the new colony of Prison.

We have more people in jail in this so-called law abiding control than just about anyone else on earth.

This judge shouldn't have been kicked off the bench. He should have been executed.

Behavior like that is no doubt inspired by a graduate of the catholic school sysytem of 1950
-60's America