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Bunk Moreland Has His Job Cut Out for Him


Damn: No wonder the Homicide Department on “The Wire,” hates its job. You hear about the staggering murder rate in Baltimore, but when given a visual of it, it kind of blows your mind. Those are the murders in 2007 alone, boys and girls. And the flags in red: Those are the shootings.

The things you can do with Google Maps, though. Nicely done, Baltimore Sun.

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Living in Baltimore, I often get confused as to if I'm watching the news or "The Wire" sometimes. I honestly think Baltimore is the only city in the country that would allow the filming of a show that shows such an accurate picture of just how bad it has gotten here. Maybe its apathy or we're just burned out by the murder rate and the drug trade...but parts of the city look like Lebanon in the 80's. Painful to watch sometimes...

So many vacants, so little time. In the immortal words of the Bunk, "Fuck me"