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Best of QuizLaw, December ‘07

december.jpgSure, December ain’t quite over yet, so I can’t really do a “Best Of” entry. But in keeping with the schedule I’ve had, today’s the day the December post is due, and I’m sticking with it. So I may be missing a few posts from the last days of the year, but such is life.

Can hear me now, bitch? — Sure, there should be a “you” in the title, but whatever, still doesn’t change the fact that this Judge is nuts.

Law School Wasn’t a Complete Waste After All! — Well the verdict’s still out on that one, I think.

Friends don’t let friends drive drunk But friends so, apparently, give their friends a busted jaw when they ask for their keys — Only bestest friends.

Today’s Lesson: Keep Your Sperm to Yourself — I mean, if you’re gonna be financially responsible for the kid, you should at least get to enjoy the manufacturing process.

M-I-C … See you in court! — “Please raise your big, four-fingered, gloved hand and place it on the bible.”

The Smeller’s the Feller — Farts and the law, never a good combination.

The wee wee-wee defense — I dunno, I think I’d just take the conviction, rather than arguing that I’m a bit light in the trousers.

Who were they? And as a follow-up question, can we crown them? — Top-five NFL coach press conference meltdown, hand down.

You’re not the boss of me! — You might want to try to restrain your crazy while you’re in court…

The Cough Syrup Made Me Say It — …but if you can’t, blame it on the cough syrup!

Welcome to the Jungle Baby. You’re Gonna Die! — Maybe she should play some Guitar Hero, then she’d be familiar with old school tunes like this.

Who would you make them swear to? — Summoning Hindu gods? That’s some real judicial power.

More Proof that the 9th Circuit is the Best Circuit — Mmmmmm … beer.

Best of QuizLaw, December ‘07 — That’s right, this very post. Click on it, and you’re right back here again. …Did I just blow your mind?