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Barack Obama — Now a Pedophile?

obamaosama.jpgAfter months of speculation, Illinois Senator and hopeful Democrat Godsend, Barack Obama, announced the formation of a presidential exploratory committee today, widely considered the initial step before announcing one’s candidacy. In fact, he’s already announced that he’ll make his final decision by February 10th. Given Obama’s charisma, his voter-friendly religiosity, and his ability to not be Hilary Clinton, the announcement comes with little surprise.

However, what is somewhat shocking is just how low the Republicans have already stooped to sully his name and/or attempt to make less than flattering associations, mostly by pointedly mentioning that his middle name just so happens to be Hussein. Here, you can find a litany of attacks, including a Fox News broadcast that includes this statement: “Most people know very little about Barack Hussein Obama Junior’s uncommonly privileged life.” That doesn’t even include the accidental mislabeling of a graphic, by CNN, in which Barack Obama was not-so-subtly linked with Osama bin Laden and other high-level terrorists.

Still, though, this clip from a Fox Affiliate newscasts is almost genius in its subtlety:

Poor Obama. He hasn’t even officially announced, and his candidacy is already ultimately doomed.

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I think i might actually vomit.

I agree that all of the attempts to somehow connect Obama with Osama bin Ladin and other terrorists because he has a similar sounding names is utterly ridiculous and unfair. But I just thought that the Fox news clip was a mistake, that the wrong reel was run with the story. Unless there's some pattern and practice, I wouldn't assume that it's an attempt to call Obama a child molester. In fact, I had to watch the clip 5 times to even figure out that it was a rally for Obama (or was it?)